More Dual Action Seat Testimonials

Dr. Alfred Ciletti:
“My cycling regimen had been severely curtailed due to the pressure conventional bike seats placed on my lower back. The swiveling action of the Dual Action Seat took all the stress out of my hip joints and my back has never felt better. I highly recommend this seat to ANYONE who cycles on either a road or stationary bike.”

G. Flimlin:
“Being a large man, I had often experienced much discomfort with a traditional bicycle seat. After some minor adjustments to my Dual Action Seat, I was able to feel relaxed on the seat in a very short time. The movement of the seat as you ride becomes quite natural. I think you have a great product and I look forward to rekindling my love affair with my bike now that it is more relaxing for me to ride.”

G. Wilkerson:
“After using your Dual Action Seat on my stationary bike, I am thrilled with the comfort and ease the seat has provided me. I can ride my bike now without the pain I was experiencing with other seats. Thank you very much. I have recommended your Dual Action Bicycle Seat to many others and will continue to do so in the future.”

J. Bromstead:
“I have had a problem riding my stationary bike due to the discomfort typical with traditional seats. Since installing the Dual Action Seat, I have been able to enjoy the benefits from the daily use of my stationary bike in comfort. The seat allows for reduced fatigue and a more natural riding rhythm. The Dual Action Seat does what it claims – It makes biking a Pleasure! I highly recommend it!”

R. Gallup:
“Thanks to the Dual Action Seat, I am once again riding my bike. After having surgery, it became impossible for me to ride on a traditional bicycle seat. I purchased and installed one of your seats and found it possible again to ride my bike and get back to the exercise habit that I missed. By the way, I put my traditional seat back on and tried it very briefly. It is now retired!”