About Dual Action Seat

We are a boutique bicycle shop that specializes in anatomically friendly bicycle seats. Our seats can be use on comfort bikes, hybrid bikes, mountain bikes, road bikes, spinning bikes and stationary bikes. We began selling the Dual Action Seat in 1990.

Our Dual Action Seat takes pain out of cycling by using a vertical axle, which allows the seat to swivel with your hips, and a horizontal axle with two seat pads instead of one.

Pressure in the groin, on the tailbone and perinea is eliminated by removing the traditional horn and designing two seat pads that move independently of one another.  There are two comfortable inches between the seat pads, and each pad is 5″ wide, providing a total width of twelve inches.

Both seat pads rotate independently from the other on this horizontal axle, and follow the vertical up and down movements of your legs to prevent any form of fiction or discomfort.